Watch this interview with recently expelled first-grader Zachary Christie, and then decide whether you think the pencil-pushing administrators who kicked him out of class and want to send him to reform school for 45 days, instead ought to be given refresher courses on how to retrieve their noggins from their collective sphincter regions and then be sent to timeout for a really, really long time.


  1. Idiocy reigns supreme in this Delaware school district that’s punishing a little boy for having a Cub Scout knife with a fork, spoon and yes a knife for eating lunch.

  2. How about a zero-tolerance policy for hiring employees who can’t think for themselves…whatever happened to being objective and considering each incident on a individual basis…

  3. Once again we have a case of idiots making policy and idiots attempting to enforce policy! You can’t convince me that a first grade student who is bringing his favorite camping utensil to eat lunch at school has sinister plans in mind. We need to get a grip here and stop this madness across our nation. Perhaps the principal and anyone else involved should have 45 unpaid days at home to think about his or her stupidity.

  4. Something is terribly wrong here when a 6 yr old is sent to reform school for being innocent enough to believe what he brought to school was simply utensils for eating with!! Maybe these so called “adults” should be sent to reform school for being so stupid! This is sending a very wrong message to innocent boys and girls. All the parents/teachers had to do was tell this child, and I do mean CHILD, that these type of things should not be brought to school. However, what he brought to school was UNTENSILS, NOT A WEAPON!!!!!