Just kickin’ back and reading the Star-Telegram this fine Friday morning:

Let’s see, Mike Lee examines the Carter Avenue situation pitting homeowners against Chesapeake Energy. Comments indicate supporters on both sides feel the story is biased against them. Reporters usually feel good when both sides get pissed off, it means the article didn’t lean too far in one direction.

John Austin’s story on electric cars coming to North Texas next year is inspiring. Electrification infatuation is long overdue.


This next headline naturally caught my eye: “Coyotes attack, kill folk singer who was out hiking.”

Holy crap, what a way to go. That’s awful.

The girl’s name was Taylor Mitchell, 19. I looked up some of her music on the internet and it wasn’t bad. She had promise.

Ironically, my favorite song by folk singer Joni Mitchell has always been “Coyote” —

Even more ironically, while looking on YouTube for Taylor Mitchell’s folk music I got the best laugh I’ve had all week when I stumbled across another Taylor Mitchell. This young “British” fellow’s discussion about his obesity is funnier than anything on “Saturday Night Live” in a while.

I agree, don’t smoral your puppies.


  1. Who cares!!?? She was a nobody. There are thousands of people that die everyday that nobody knows. Some very tragic deaths. Nobody will miss her because nobody knew her!!

  2. It makes me sick that all you people seem to think my cousins death is some sick fucking joke! and as for John who says who cares, you jealous fuck are just upset that you don’t have the talent Taylor had in her middle finger.

    The People who knew her will mourn her tragic passing as for the rest of you I’m sorry you didn’t have the please of meeting the most amazing woman!

  3. Hi Jeff,, We are all sorry to hear about oil disaster down that way..Hope things turn around…
    I just wan’t to give you follow up on this poor girls death…
    What we were all afraid of has happened…Since her attack basically everyone who has seen a coyote now thinks they are going to attack..The government I know just to bend to fear has decided to go the bounty route…Let the massacre begin…I have lived in the woods with coys for over twenty years and never had a problem and even the girls family is against it…Just wondering how you folks deal with them and if bounties solved problems down there…

  4. Ranchers usually kill every one they see and not just because the coyotes can kill expensive calves. A lot of ranchers make their money leasing out their land to hunters. Quail hunting is a lucrative lease, and since coyotes eat quail eggs, the ranchers declare war. You see a lot of coyote skins hangings on barb wire fences around ranches.

    I live a little bit out in the country just northwest of Fort Worth and I still hear the coyotes on some nights. I like the way they sound. Of course, everybody’s dogs start barking once they hear the coyotes and then it drowns them out.

  5. Well you could always hunt them year round here and sheep farmers do the same but last time they tried a bounty here the suckers breeded more…Still find it strange a girl who was used to the outdoors was brought down by them but will never know true story…We don’t have a huge population here like out west..