Not that it will ever happen in Fort Worth, but a gas pipeline explosion early Thursday morning rocked the panhandle town of Bushland, TX, according to the Associated Press. The explosion sent plumes of fire and smoke hundreds of feet into the air which were visible more than 20 miles from the blast site. Three people were injured, one home was completely destroyed and several others were heavily damaged.

The explosion was reported at 1 AM and fire fighters had it under control by about 5:30 AM.

“The heat onto the homes, it did a lot of damage. You could see blinds inside the homes that were melted, it was hot, it was very hot,” Potter County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Roger Short told the AP.


  1. System needs an overhaul. Everythings getting old and needs better safety measures. The public’s in danger if you don’t know whats in your backyard.

  2. El Paso Nat. Gas had that accident in 2000 near Carlsbad that killed 12 campers their pipeline. Since then, they had DOJ & other agencies after them. If this accident is EPNG’s fault, then it send the message that a DOJ Consent Decree wasn’t worth the paper it was written on to them.