I had to double-check the sky last night. There were no fiery horses stampeding from above. No dragons spewing pestilence. This dude gave nary a peep.

I suspected that the ordination of Susan Slaughter as Fort Worth’s first female Episcopal priest yesterday afternoon would prompt such a non-apocalypse. This is not to detract from Slaughter’s milestone – a former speech pathologist, teacher, deacon, and a grandmother, she seems more than qualified. Congrats to all.

Poor Bishop Iker and his fold – they still believe they’ve magically transported themselves to Argentina and a less woman-friendly diocese. Normally, I’d say: Et’s-lay ust-jay umor-hay em-thay. But they want their righteous ideological split without the painful sacrifice of title and property, hence the imminent legal disputes.


Of course, they’ve still got The Gayz to kick around, but not forever. If Iker et al continue to deny qualified people the chance to serve their religious communities because of Iker’s “deeply held convictions” — well, Mick and Keith and the boys offer a reminder of what the universe eventually forces such stubborn people to do.


  1. ….but isn’t that a two way street, my friend? The National Church wants ’em out….and wastes no time in saying….”You may leave if you don’t agree with us and our “Righteousness”. Just leave your property and money with us”. We want you to GO….but we’re not willing to sacrifice title and property.

    In most cases, the diocese and the National Church did NOT build these parishes, and have offered little in financial assistance thru-out the years. Give ’em a second and they’ll close a struggling parish in a heartbeat.