Restaurants that charge high-dollar for meals get panicky during recessions. Maybe that explains Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House “Get Friscy” ad campaign.


This morning, I was looking at the September 2009 edition of Fort Worth Texas, the glossy magazine that cheerleads for our fair city. Page 81 sports a Del Frisco’s ad depicting two couples in fancy clothing, sharing a table, eating lobster, drinking wine, and apparently getting primed for some post-dinner date-swapping.

Boing! (That sound effect referred to a fork falling off the table; get your minds out of the gutter, people.)

The ad depicts one of the women giving her date a forkload of lobster. But underneath the table, you see that she has kicked off a shoe and is playing footsie with the other man, who is smiling at his own date with loving devotion.

Maybe it’s easier to sell $100 steak dinners if you offer a French dessert — the ménage à trois pudding.

One thing confuses me. The woman playing footsie is wearing a black stiletto heel on her left foot. Her right foot is bare, and she is using her toes to rub the other man’s leg. But there is no spare shoe lying under the table. She either entered the restaurant missing a shoe (doubtful, since she looks fairly affluent and could surely afford to buy two shoes at a time), or she kicked off her shoe with such adulterous zeal that it flew across the room and impaled another diner.