Just weeks after an agreement was made to move gas pipelines from Carter Avenue–where they would have had to run under residents’ front lawns–to a new route along I-30, Chesapeake is moving forward this morning with an eminent domain (condemnation) hearing for an easement on Carter Avenue resident Steve Doeung’s front yard.

According to several emails sent out by people who don’t want to see a Carter Avenue pipeline, Doeung’s easement would be the last piece in the Carter Avenue puzzle for Chesapeake and their pipeline subsidiary, Texas Midstream Gas Services to move forward with the Carter Avenue pipeline.

Which doesn’t mean they will. Chesapeake appears willing to run their pipeline along I-30, but probably still wants Carter Avenue as an option should the gas giant run into problems with that.

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Here is Doeung’s letter to Rep. Lon Burnam and State Sen. Wendy Davis on the matter, written just two days ago:

Dear Sen. Davis and Rep. Burnam:

Please let me make clear what CHK/TMGS’ legal team focused objective is for the court hearing that is scheduled in just a little over 48 hours from now: they are asking the court to give them the easement on my property, which would remove the final obstacle in the gas pipeline route coming through Carter Ave.

This clear intention (included in the legal petition) on their part appears to run counter to whatever good-faith discussion and negotiation that you and your staff, et al. had put great time and effort.


Y. Steve Doeung


  1. This a local issue. Where is Steve’s mayor, council rep., neighborhood ass., etc. who have a duty to stand with him –if not fight for him and his principled epic battle against a billion-dollar corporation wielding “state power” (i.e. def. of eminant domain)?? Maybe these questions have answered themselves and explain why Steve is a hunted man/prey.