Rather than reclining on the couch this Saturday, nursing a hangover from New Year’s Eve and trying to somehow sleep, watch football, and eat all at the same time, why not do something healthy and constructive?

The 1st Annual Manly Men and Wild Women Hike – created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tandy Hills Natural Area – will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday just east of downtown at the city’s nature park.

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Be adventurous! Bold! Take a hike! Work off some of that holiday poundage you’ve packed on in the past few weeks.

(Confession: My Saturday morning will be spent like the slug depicted in paragraph one. But don’t model your life after mine.)

Here’s the announcement from Don Young of the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area:

“Celebrate the new year and the 50th anniversary of THNA by participating in the First Annual “Manly Men and Wild Women Hike” at Tandy Hills Natural Area. This will be a border to border to border hike, tracing the steel cable that defines the 160 acre boundary. Here are five good reasons to join in:

1) You will lose at least 2 pounds. (results vary)
2) See sections of the park known only to birds and coyotes (and gas drillers)
3) Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the coolest park in Fort Worth. (2010)
4) It won’t kill you but will make you stronger (for the Brush Bash)
5) Work up a good appetite for a group lunch (TBA)

Manly Men & Wild Women Hike (All ages welcome)

10 a.m. on January 2, 2010
Tandy Hills Natural Area, 3400 View St., Fort Worth TX

Meet at the Prairie Fest entrance

Allow 1.5 hours for hike

Bring water, snack, camera, hiking boots, hat

RSVP to Don Young ASAP at