Fox TV is ridiculed for slanting its news coverage to the conservative right, but you’ve got to give the station credit – they offer some great programming. The Simpsons, American Dad, and Family Guy are national treasures. American Idol has been a ratings winner for years. I watch the first 30 minutes of Live With Regis and Kelly every morning.

The Dallas Cowboys are regulars on the station. The biggest game of the year – Cowboys versus Philadelphia Eagles – is scheduled for Fox this Sunday.

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But Time Warner Cable subscribers might not get to see the game, Bart Simpson, Stan Smith, Peter Griffin, Regis Philbin, or the singing idols because two greedy, power-mad, corporate giants are squabbling over money.

Fox and Time Warner Cable are negotiation a new contract, and Fox is threatening to yank its signal on Dec. 31 unless it gets what it wants.

That means local Time Warner Cable subscribers will miss the Cowboys, as well as foregoing the Fiesta Bowl featuring the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs versus the Boise State Burly Buffoons.

Those are football games I’m dying to see, but still I encourage Time Warner to call Fox’s bluff. Don’t give in. See if Fox has the cajones to pull its programming. I doubt it. And even if they do, so what? There are plenty of other channels, other games, other things to watch. Let’s see how successful Fox is at nabbing Cowboys games and TCU bowl games in the future if the network holds viewers hostage by yanking popular programming from public view.