It all started so innocently.

Well, not really innocently.

Mocking people on YouTube is more mean-spirited fun than innocence, but let’s not get hung up on semantics here, folks.

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The point is, somebody got a big laugh out of seeing a member of the Boise State marching band looking kind of sad and uninspired during the halftime show at the Fiesta Bowl. So they posted a six-second clip called “The Sad Cowbell Girl.”

Naturally, the ensuing reader comments were less than kind, as is the norm on YouTube (and on Blotch occasionally, but that’s ok, give us your best shots).

“Sad Cowbell Girl” prompted other YouTube clips, such as this fairly hilarious one.

Then comes the revelation that the girl being mocked in the clip is blind, and the “entire internet hangs its head in shame,” according to Mashable The Social Media Guide.