Last night’s 2010 debut of American Idol proved one thing – when Simon Cowell quits after this season AI is DOA.

Cowell is the only judge who consistently recognizes talent, cuts through the bullcorn, and isn’t afraid to be a jerk when some tone-deaf snot needs a slap in the face.

Producers keep making bone-headed decisions about the show, particularly when it comes to the judging panel.


The worst was last season’s  decision to increase the judging panel to four, which is certainly one and most likely two judges too many.

The inane chatter and constant verbal repetition among the judges is the show’s biggest problem.

Paula Abdul was bad. Kara Diowhateverthefuckhernameis is worse.

New judge Ellen DeGeneres is pretty funny but her deadpan style and humor won’t fit the fast pace that the judging panel needs.

A litany of safe and mainstream guest judges (Joe Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Shania Twain, etc.) are being herded through this season, but that’s going to be painful. Last night’s guest judge Victoria Beckham was oh so nice and British and so very complimentary, guvna – and mind-numbingly boring and pointless.

Randy Jackson is likable but he’s all dawg this and dawg that and doesn’t say much of substance.

Producers ought to ditch Kara, Randy, and Ellen, and match Cowell with more entertaining and edgy judges.

How does a judging panel of Cowell, Tommy Lee, and Courtney Love sound?

How about Cowell, Amy Winehouse, and Marilyn Manson?

Cowell, Heidi, and Spencer?

Sure they’re potential train wrecks. And that’s entertainment.

But Idol producers make the safe, dull, and wrong choice time after time, which is why the show’s ratings are in decline and Cowell is hitting the exit door.

He’ll introduce his own music talent show X-Factor to American TV next year. There he can make his own decisions rather than kowtowing to the hopelessly out of touch producers that keep ruining Idol.

AI will slip into X-Factor‘s shadow after next season.


  1. I still miss Paula Abdul and now with Simon gone, will the show really be worth watching? I like the new people, but something will be lost. The talent better be extra good in the upcoming season to compensate. More Adam Lambert, please!