If you’re driving east on I-30 from downtown Fort Worth, you’ll pass a large, gorgeous chunk of land on your right and wonder why developers haven’t turned it into a giant mall or apartment complex.

The reason Fort Worth has 160 acres of undeveloped prime property near downtown with I-30 frontage is because Tandy Hills Natural Area is off limits to all but hikers and nature lovers.

Loving nature, as is true with many types of love, sometimes requires hacking it to pieces.

KAM_Social Club Flyer_8

See, the former grassland prairie has a tendency to become thick and brushy without maintenance. The Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department occasionally oils up its chainsaws to cut invasive brush and trees.

Residents, nature lovers, and members of the Friends of Tandy Hills help out by hauling the cut material out of the park.

So, grab some work gloves and a bottle of water and participate in the clean-up from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. this Saturday at Tandy Hills, 3400 View Street.

Need inspiration? Take a gander at this local treasure:


  1. Thanks Jeff, for posting this! My children and I went to Prairie Fest last year and felt like we were in a little oasis. Will put this on our calendar to help out!!!

    See you there!

  2. I was Horned Frog via Wisconsin from ’96 – ’01, and being an avid hiker, I used to frequent Tandy Hills for years to find moments to walk, sit and enjoy the FTW area native plants, creekbeds & hillsides of beauty. Now in Chicago, I miss my solo-hikes amoung those hills, but I’m thrilled to see this island of nature preserved for others like me needing a quick respite not far from thier homes. Way to go Fort Worth!