How ’bout them Cowgirls?

Hell, Marys, that was painful to watch.

OK, that was mean, and I’m sorry.


The Cowboys best season in a long while was killed after yesterday’s embarrassing 34-3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. But, “Mary” jokes aside, I’m not throwing the team under the bus this week (although a few individual players will get tire marks across their faces by the end of the column).

I’m giving the team a thumbs up.

This season was fun to watch. The drama and excitement remained high all year. The team overachieved rather than let anybody down.

And the future looks promising.

Miles Austin established himself as the star receiver of the future and made everyone forget Terrell Owens.

QB Tony Romo showed he can win December games down the stretch, win a playoff game, and dump a clingy airhead as easily as a screen pass.

Cornerback Mike Jenkins didn’t have his best game yesterday, but he led the secondary this year in swagger and confidence and looks to be a major keeper.

And talk about a wonderful, wonderful cat. Felix Jones just might be the Cowboy’s most elusive runner ever.

Whupping the unbeaten New Orleans Saints on primetime TV in Week 14 — in New Orleans — was greatness.

Beating the Philadelphia Eagles three times in a season – including the final 24-0 shutout that made divisional champs of the Cowboys – was almost as good as a Super Bowl win.

Sure, we got our asses kicked by a better Vikings team yesterday. No biggie. Wait’ll next year.

Their defensive front four made our O-Line look like the overrated bunch they’ve been all year. Marion Barber was butchered with criticism after failing in three attempts to score from the 1-yard line a few weeks back against the San Diego Chargers. But that blame could just as easily go to tackle Leonard Davis and the rest of the offensive line. Yesterday, they looked like waddling, creaky old men trying to keep up with the Vikings pass rushers.

General (Mis)Manager Jerry Jones should shore up his O-line, find a field goal kicker, and get rid of WR Roy Williams, who proved this season (and last) that he is vastly overrated if not a complete washout.

Then Jones should fire Wade “the Real Bum” Phillips and find a head coach with passion, fire, and a gambler’s mentality. Sending in a shaky reject like Shaun Suisham on 4th-and-one of a scoreless game and attempting a 48-yard-field goal rather than going for a first down was typical Phillips. That missed kick and the Vikings subsequent touchdown pass set the tone for the afternoon.

Separated at Birth: Shaun Suisham and this T-shirt.

But, enough venom.

The disappointment of losing yesterday’s playoff game means victory will be twice as sweet next year when the Cowboys make it all the way to the Super Bowl — to be played in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium.

Imagine that — home team advantage in the Super Bowl.

We can’t lose!