Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told ESPN that Wade “the Real Bum” Phillips is going to be coaching the team again next year.

Tony Romo “supported” his coach by saying, “His record speaks for itself.”

That’s the problem.

Phillips’ playoff record is 1 win, 5 losses.

P.S. My last “Off Asides” post made a joke about Tony Romo dumping Jessica Simpson, prompting a loyal reader to call me “a giant douche.”

Phillips is also rather sensitive when it comes to Jessica. Watch him storm out of this press conference in September after a fan posing as a reporter asked him about the blond bombshell:

By the way, the team’s morale, character, and fortitude have all improved under Phillips’ watch, and he did nab his lone playoff victory this season. So I’ve decided to give him a fresh start beginning now and resist referring to him as “the Real Bum” for awhile. Truth is, I personally like Wade (and Bum) a lot.