Once again, Wingstop is ignoring the curse of chicken wings and going for another record-setting performance on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Garland-based national chain restaurant is attempting to sell 5 million chicken wings on the day of the big game. (Last year, Wingstop set a single-day record by selling more than 4 million.)

Wingstop’s marketing campaign shows a complete disregard for public safety.

McFlys 300x250 (1)

The company is ignoring the growing number of crimes related to chicken wing consumption, even as it merrily floods the market with the dangerous substance.

For instance, remember the 7-year-old kid who stole his grandmother’s car and took it for a joyride, hitting four cars and two mailboxes before wrecking out? Well, now he’s assaulted his grandmother after she refused to buy him chicken wings:

And who can forget the Italian football coach who assaulted one of his players with a plate of chicken wings?

And look how a chicken wing drove this gentle bird to mad cannibalism:

Wingstop…please stop…the madness!!!