News outlets are publishing this Associated Press article on questionable spending practices by DynCorp International, a former Fort Worth-based company that relocated to Virginia several years ago.

An audit blasted the State Department for lax oversight of the $2.5 billion contract with DynCorp to train police forces in Iraq, and noted numerous examples of waste and fraud.

DynCorp is a war-profiteering, outsourcing company that sends security personnel, mechanics, technical workers, and others to faraway and tumultuous places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia.


The real question should be, why is anyone surprised by any underhanded shenanigans occurring at a company that turned its back on a whistleblower and instead protected employees accused of buying and owning under-aged sex slaves in Bosnia?

Fort Worth Weekly’s in-depth cover story (“To Bosnia With Lust,” Dec. 6, 2001) exposed DynCorp for failing to act on reports that employees were involved in the sex trade. Instead, the company fired the guy who complained about it. He sued. They put a team of lawyers on the case and were content to drag the case out indefinitely – until the Weekly story appeared. The company settled the case a few days later.


  1. 2001? Can’t find something new to justify your bias report… “war profiteering?”… do some research (other than google) and get some pertinant facts to support your position.