In what can only be described as divine intervention, Taylor Swift dropped and broke one of her ill-begotten Grammy awards:


What’s worse, she mentions that it’s the second time that night that she’d dropped an award.

Kanye West should have taken the awards from her arms and handed them to Beyonce…or Stevie Nicks for that matter. This time around, he’d be given a hero’s welcome.


  1. Yo–why you hatin’ on Taylor, Jeff? What do you mean by “ill-begotten”? Did she use eminent domain power to “take” these awards like Jerry Jones and the ruthless gas companies did to “take” other people’s hard earned properties/”awards”? Slow down with the Swift hatin, bro.

  2. Ironically, I had a conversation last Saturday with a friend who said he couldn’t understand how Taylor Swift was popular because she couldn’t sing and her songs were drivel. I defended her by saying that she made her own fame the old-fashioned new-fashioned way — by working her ass off via the internet, getting her music out there virally, and earning enough fans to attract the record companies.

    Then the next night I watched the Grammy awards and was disgusted (like many other commentators around here) with her performance and the manner in which she carried herself — stepping all over Stevie Nicks’ vocals, singing off-key, acting so shocked — shocked y’all! — by every compliment, every award, every bit of attention. Then she dropped a Grammy — apparently twice — and broke it in front of the cameras. Why am I suspicious of that? Especially coming from someone who got mega-press out of being a poor victim of mean ol’ Kanye. That’s right, I think Swift dropped the trophy on purpose to get even more attention.

    So that’s why I’m hating on Miss Thang, although I’ve got to admit I can’t believe I just wasted three minutes writing this poofy post. Three minutes I can never get back. Ever. I need a shower.

  3. Wow! Even I’ve never typed the phrase “Miss Thang” before. Bravo for embracing your inner bitchy queen, Prince! (And Taylor Swift sucks).

  4. Jeff, that was hysterical. Shock and Awe. If she deserves the praise, she should own it….but she does not. Pseudo-humility is sickening. I think it’s time for a Country Music Teaparty on Music Row. I hope the good ole boys are putting their heads together for a Swift U-turn. Swift-boating…if it sings like a ruptured duck…it’s a lame duck.