January has been quite a month for Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks. The main news, of course, that he negotiated a deal to sell the baseball club to an investor group headed up by Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg and Hall-of-Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan.

But as is usual with Hicks, the good is accompanied by the bad.

First, son Tom Jr. was forced to resign from his father’s Liverpool Red soccer club board of directors when he sent out a nasty email to a fan who questioned his senior’s leadership of the soccer team. Hicks Jr. told the fan to “Blow Me Fuckface.”

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Reports are surfacing that the deal with Greenberg/Ryan is a “train wreck,” as the 40 or so creditors Hicks owes more than $500 million to don’t like Rangers’ sale details. Seems they sort of want the money they are owed.

Hicks failed Glorypark development on land around the Ballpark in Arlington is also causing problems. First the co-deveoper of the project sued Tom, and now an architectural firm and a contractor filed a suit in court this week saying Tommy owes them about $7 million.

But we save the best for last. Last weekend Hicks the Elder attended a soccer match in Liverpool, and fans immediately started protesting, chanting the the Yankee should sell the team. Hicks was rushed  out a stadum side exit, but not so much to avoid the angry fandom. Here’s what the British press had to say about Hicks’ behaviour:

“Hicks fell asleep twice during the game whilst eyewitnesses at Liverpool One’s Hilton hotel later claimed that the 63-year-old’s security team were ordered by staff to send him to his room after he appeared drunk and incapable.

One onlooker said: “People were going over to him as he was being woken up. He had fallen asleep into his food and spilled red wine all over the table.

“His bodyguards had been told to take him to his room and knocked more red wine over as he was getting up.”


  1. first of all its called Liverpool f.c not Liverpool red, f.c standing for Football club, football being the real name of the sport not soccer and second of all they where calling him a yank not a yankee