President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is under attack for using what is now known as “the R word.”

Based on what’s been said about Emanuel’s private conversations, he’s one profane mofo. To him, describing somebody as “fucking retarded” is just another day at the salt mine.

And what do you expect from a guy often described as a bare-knuckles, arrogant, asshole?

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Still, he wasn’t directing his slur at a mentally challenged person; he was referring to some fellow Democrats at a meeting.

Normally, one might think a card-carrying Republican and arbiter of all that is morally acceptable in society would agree with him.

But former Alaskan governor and current gadfly book writer Sarah Palin is calling for him to be fired for his “heartbreaking” and “indecent tactics” and his “slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities – and the people who love them.” She compared it to the “N-word.”

Using “retarded” in an off-handed manner in private conversations is distasteful, but, c’mon, Palin, let’s not stick the guy’s neck in the guillotine for chrissakes.

He groveled and offered a lame apology. Obama should slap his wrist, tell him to clean his potty mouth or else, and then let him get back to helping run the country.

I’ll bet Emanuel doesn’t use the “R” word again. If he continues, then he should be fired.