I haven’t written about Goodwin in a while, but let’s just say that Tony Diaz and company had better be in the studio –– tracks from their last CD, the now-classic Goodwin 2 (one of the best local albums of the decade, IMHO), are getting some airplay on the kick-assingest terrestrial radio station now broadcasting out of North Texas, KXT/91.7-FM. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. But fans of good ol’ fashioned punch-you-in-the-nuts rock-and-mother-fuckin’-roll shouldn’t be getting their hopes up. Goodwin 2 took the band, like, 20 years to make. I’m exaggerating, of course. And we all understand that local musicians have mortgages and rents to pay, girlfriends and boyfriends to throw gifts at, cats and dogs to feed, value packs of Top Ramen to buy. But you get my drift. Goodwin = slowwwww.

Maybe Goodwin will play some new songs tomorrow night (Saturday) at The Moon (2911 W Berry St, by TCU, 817-926-9600), with oso closo and The Backsliders. Maybe not. Maybe there aren’t even any new Goodwin songs to play. Still, you’d do well by all that’s rocktastic by going to see a band that ranks among the 817’s finest of all time. Right up there with The Toadies and Flick. And Yeti. And Calhoun.


Tonight (Friday) at The Moon, old-school blue-eyed soul will be in the house, courtesy of Josh Weathers & The True+Endeavors. On the less funky, more indie-rocky side of the bill is Odis, whose four members will be performing sans shoes for a good cause.

This weekend at Spencer’s Corner (6861C Green Oaks Dr, by Ridgmar Mall, 817-652-6090), tribute bands will –– like prom for some people –– rule. Tonight (Friday), catch Swansong, a tribute to Led Zeppelin. Tomorrow night (Saturday), there’s Prophets of Rage, a tribute to Rage Against the Machine, playing with exceptional Fort Worth funk-rockers Rabbit’s Got the Gun.

Tonight (Friday) at Lola’s-Sixth (2736 W 6th St in the W 7th St corridor, 817-877-0666), the three young hard-psych rocking lads who are Jefferson Colby will celebrate the release of their new CD, Octopus, with hip-hoppers the Rivercrest Yacht Club, who will be celebrating dope-ass beats, 100 percent wack-free rhymes, and hooch, and ad-hoc jammers Impulse of Will, who will be celebrating live improv, guitar sex, and Fu Manchus.

Tonight (Friday) at Wasted Words Art Collective (2404 S Fielder Rd, Arlington): Yellow Crystal Star, Jonathan Horne, Colossi, and some other insane people.