Regional Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz made quite a splash last night at the February meeting of the North Central Texas Communities Alliance. Featured speaker Armendariz drew between 250 and 300 people to the Hotel Trinity Inn, where he spoke about the EPA’s role in overseeing the issues of air and water quality as they relate to hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Armendariz announced that the EPA has funding to begin a study of both air and water quality in gas drilling regions throughout the United States.

peter“He said the EPA is going to be studying all aspects of the water issue and natural gas,” said Sharon Wilson, a longtime responsible-drilling advocate. “They’ll be looking at fraccing’s effect on water tables, aquifers, wells. They’ll be looking into cases that involve possible contamination and they’ll be looking at the issue of wastewater disposal in injection wells. They’re even going to be looking at possible contamination of ground water via sludge pits on drilling sites.”

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