To anybody who thought Michael Jackson’s straight, flowing, silken locks were genuine – I have a sack full of Elephant Man bones I’m selling for $100 a pound.

The Jackson autopsy report confirms the pop singer was balding with a “sparse” amount of hair. He also tattooed the front of his scalp with dark ink to cover his baldness, and he inked his eyebrows and eyelids as well.

And, as Jackson always insisted, he wore white makeup to cover up the skin disease vitiligo.

Modern Lights

In other words, Jackson looked nothing like himself in public, which is ironic since my favorite Jackson song is “Man In The Mirror.”

Astonishingly, Jackson was 5 feet 9 inches tall but weighed a mere 136 pounds when he died of acute propofol intoxication. That’s tiny for a grown man.

His death was a sad way to go, and his alleged attraction to little boys certainly took the luster off his reputation late in his life.

On the other hand, Jackson lived half a century, was immensely talented, sold tons of records, earned riches untold, made out with Elvis’ daughter, and enjoyed worldwide fame (and all the Neverland amusement park rides he could stand). Not a bad life.

In fact, he met Doors frontman Jim Morrison’s criteria on whether a life was well lived: “Did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?”

The Jackson documentary “This Is It,” released after his June 25 death, has already grossed more than $250 million.


  1. one would thhink that in yhis daya nd time that the dead would stay dead. But like Elvis, as long as there is meat on the bone the buzzards will continue to feast. enough already!!!

  2. So jjames, are you saying Michael Jackson should be forgotten and never discussed again? I don’t think he’d want that. And are the people attending his post-mortem movie, funneling millions into the Jackson estate, also vultures?

  3. Jeff Prince… I know you think you’re the biggest thing since sliced bread but the title of your article stinks… How does that make you look to call someone “tiny, spotted, bald, still dead..” ?? It makes you look like a very sad soul, that’s what. Have some respect man! May bad karma eat you alive.

  4. His weight was perfect for a man 5’9″.I agree with Brad bad titie for your articl.He did have vitaligo ,and was married to Lisa Marie Presley and owned the amusement rides at Neverland. Those of us who fallow Michael Jackson reports know these to be true ,and you just saying he had straight flowing silken locks is half right his fans knew better.

  5. What the hell is wrong with his weight. That is a perfectly healthy weight for a man of that height. I can only assume this article was written by an extremely fat b@stard. Even when the facts say the complete opposite, people still try and make out he was frail etc. Pathetic.

    R.I.P. MJ

  6. The skinniest guy I know is named Jim. I’ve often accused him of having an eating disorder because he barely consumes food and has a phobia about fat.

    The guy can’t pinch an inch — he’s got no fat.

    He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, just like MJ.

    Jim weighs 150 pounds — 14 more pounds than MJ.

  7. Jeff (who) Prince – nope never heard of him – just another person with saddness in his heart over MJJ. I’m sure deep inside it’s his anger coming out because he really misses Michael, Everyone handles death in a different way. It’s clear to read between the lines of his hard to read essay that this Jeff person is still hurting. We’re there for ya buddy – really…..
    pearlshamma – the bear – and the others with negative remarks , I’m sure you can relate?

  8. Yeah Jeff, how dare you write a title with facts in it, then discuss the ups and downs of Jackson’s career and then end your article talking about the highlights of MJ’s career? Seriously, how dare you be obviously calm and even handed in the tone of your article when these people clearly think and expect you to be a raving MJ hater! How sad. Tsk tsk.

    Truly you don’t have the love and kindheartedness that MJ had and these posters emulate, as seen in their insults and condescending tone. Maybe you need to be the one looking in the mirror! (see what I did there? I used a reference to a song by the subject you’re talking about. That makes me clever!)

  9. To “The Bear”he never touched kids.
    To Pearlhanna he was married to Lisa Marie for 18 months.Also the chamber you spoke about was donated for burn pateints at the very hospital Michael had recieved burn care at.(he donated it .BTW he was joking around with photographers ,that is why he climed in it.
    BTW Jeff Prince ,Jim Morrison faked his death several times before he succeeded in takeing it with booze and illigal drugs not the same criteria for Michael.
    If any of you saw the movie This is it you would see michael had the same body build he did when he became an adult ,it was that of a dancers body.He burned alot of calories when he danced .So please stop criticizeing him,let him finaly rest in peace.

  10. WOW. the best ever ! Michael was amazing, we really lost someone special not just for this type of entertainment but as a person.

  11. MJ was a great entertainer. Unfortunately he made terrible decisions
    which brought him upset, pain, and ultimately his death. Although
    he surrounded himself with ppl who enabled him it was he who caused
    all the effects which sent him on his downward spiral. A lesson we
    all should learn from him. Im saddened by his demise and I’m as saddened
    that those around him didn’t step up and do something about his behaviour.
    However I would have to believe that if someone did intervene he would have
    not listened and would probably have turned his back on them. We’ve all
    known ppl like this but to a lesser degree. A very sad story.

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