Since the Obama administration has eased up on prosecuting health clinics that distribute pot in medical marijuana-legal states, the cry for across-the-board legalization of the little green bud is now louder than ever. To decriminalize ganja on the federal level, though, partakers will need some really big lobbying muscle. How about AARP?

A new government report reveals that grandma’s gardening hobby may serve more recreational purposes than previously thought: Pot use tripled among 55 to 59 year olds during a six year period in the ‘00s. They offer the same “for medicinal purposes only” excuses that you hear among younger NORML activists, but given that arthritis, glaucoma, and insomnia really do bedevil older folks more intensely, this new breed of silver tokers has scientific research about the therapeutic effects of cannabis on their side. Plus, this could offer new fuel for the “just say no” propagandists: If you want to keep a 13 year old away from his first joint, just have grandpa go into a long, rambling soliloquy about how a couple of bowls a day soothes the pain from his replacement hip.


  1. I had a friend whose grandmother suffered from arthritis. Although the elderly woman had never smoked a joint in her life, she accepted my friend’s offer one day to partake. The old woman loved the pain relief that marijuana offered. She began growing marijuana in her backyard in Fort Worth strictly for her own personal use. She wasn’t dealing or selling to kids she grew her own medicine that was cheaper and better than prescription pharmaceuticals. Under current law, police could arrest her and put her in jail and seize her home and property for growing a little stash of pot. Marijuana laws in this country are ridiculous.

  2. Before you make an informed decision about anything, you need the facts. When you are looking for medical facts, Pub Med, WebMD and medical journals are good places to start. News articles can also provide a quick overview of the information in scientific studies. But tracking it all down is a tedious chore! I know, because I have done it.

    I collect studies and articles about the many medical uses of cannabis. Would you care to learn the facts about cannabis? What uses have already been documented? Just run a search for “Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List” for free access to hundreds of studies from reliable sources. I want you to read the studies and make up your own mind! Please educate yourself about this healing herb! Thank you.

  3. It is ridiculous to think that smoking cannibas is really the cure permenantly from a disease. It may provide a momentary relief and in the process it kills the brain cells and causes short term memory loss and if you are a male it can cause for the male impotence. Why not just SIMPLY ASK JESUS CHRIST FOR HEALING. HE KNOWN FOR HEALING ALL DISEASES. TRY HIM INSTEAD OF CANNIBAS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!

  4. B – Cannabis actually creates brain cells (through a process called neurogenesis) and does not cause male impotence. These are old wives tales you are repeating because you have been taught to do so! Do some research and you will see that God has given us this plant for very good reasons. It has been demonized for 70+yrs. based on racial and industrial biases. May you find peace and understanding on your journey.

  5. Jesus Christ provided the heavens and earth, including all the plants that grow on earth — including marijuana, which was used for healing and pain relief for thousands of years before the United States outlawed it in the 1940s under pressure from the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

  6. Why can I send an 8yo into the local 7-11 to purchase a cocaine derivative preparation that is meant for use by children,(ORA-GEL), but a elderly person, dying from cancer, has to face the possibility of dying a horrible death in the clutches of the legal system for med. pot?

  7. Hello there, I wonder if any of you has a hystory or tryed this medicine. They make some wicked claims and I don’t know what to say, I’ve watched the interviews and i can say i’m a bit impressed. Can anyone share if they had an experience with this “miracle soultion” they call MMS? I found it on this website but seems there is an entire comunity around the world.

    I find myself in great need, i’m a bit ill and my sister has cancer so i am willing to try anything that could heal this ilness. I would really appreciate your oppinions.