The hip comic who replaced Johnny Carson as “The Tonight Show” host in 1992 is getting his old job back. But this time around, Jay Leno is desperately uncool and publicly humiliated.

Leno flopped in prime time, and Conan O’Brien flopped in late night. So the much funnier O’Brien is out, and El Lame-o Leno is returning to late night.

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With his reputation on the line, Leno is booking controversial guests to drum up ratings for his March 1 return to network TV:

APTOPIX Palin Resignation

The first week’s guests include a loudmouth attention-craving former politician (Sarah Palin), a loudmouth attention craving TV host (Chelsea Handler), and loudmouth attention-craving reality stars (the “Jersey Shore” cast).

Hello, David Letterman, nice to see you again.


  1. Totally agree, I for one will not watch. Sister Sarah is a national disgrace, trolling for money and is as stupid as hell. Please make this moron who has such a trashy family go away. Sarah is nothing but a stupid
    Grifter looking for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Watch the Palin bashers come out! She is the main person attacking the Obama agenda and the liberals just can’t stand it. She is not campaigning for a political office at this time and, as a citizen, she is entitled to express her opinions. Watch Leno get a very high rating the night that she is on.

  3. Good! As long as she stays away and bothers the lower 48 we are happy. She has proved to be a phony and a liar. We are a very Conservative, Red State and we are glad to get rid of her Liberal, Politically Correct whining. As we say in Alaska: “To know her is to dislike her”. The more she appears in interviews, the more true Conservatives will see she is a phony.

  4. Why are you so critical of Sarah are you a perfect person? You know what there’s probably only few of you who hates her because you’re jealous. I feel sorry for you all the more you criticized her the more people like her. She is there for a reason and maybe up to this time you can’t accept it. Sorryyyyyy

  5. I’d choose Sarah Palin over Socialist Obama by one-million-to-one! Obama is an abject failure in the W.H. and stands to be a one-term, lame-duck, bankrupting- America Prez. Is this man aware at all that America’s in a war against Islamic terrorism, mass-murder, mysogny, & anti-Semitism? Probably not. Say it aloud with me: SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT USA 2012!

  6. So, if we’re talking loudmouths, we can expect Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago hitman? Barack Obama, the lying empty suit? How about Joe Biden, the human malaprop?

    Oh, I see. You’re simply lashing out at the adults.