Fort Worth filmmaker Tom Huckabee recently kicked off his tour of “nontraditional venues” by screening Carried Away at Cherokee Rose Manor nursing home in Glen Rose.

Huckabee and Carried Away were featured in this Fort Worth Weekly cover story. Here’s a photo (by George Wada) of Huckabee with Cherokee Rose staff and residents:



Portions of the movie were filmed at the Glen Rose nursing home a year ago, and several residents there had bit parts.

“It was a really gratifying experience to go back there and show it to the staff and residents,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee is taking the film on a tour of nursing homes, followed by a Q&A session with residents. Of course, screening a movie at a nursing home is a little different than at a movie theater.

“It was the most chaotic screening I could imagine,” he said with a chuckle. “People coming and going through the whole thing, dragging their walkers, carrying on conversations, dogs going in and out, people having to go to the bathroom. We probably lost about a third of them but the ones who stayed really enjoyed it and understood it. I had a long talk with a couple of them about it.”

The comedy-drama is about a man kidnapping his grandmother from a nursing home despite her advancing senility, and taking her on a road trip.

The movie nabbed first place at the Oxford Film Festival earlier this month in Oxford, Miss., earning Huckabee $1,000 worth of free Kodak film. Carried Away producer James M. Johnston, another Fort Worth filmmaker and owner of Spiral Diner, is using the Kodak film to make a short movie.

The movie’s Texas festival debut is coming up in April at the Dallas International Film Festival.