The big show, at least from my homerific point of view, was last night at Dominican Joe on South Congress. Lots of Fort Worth bands — including Chatterton, Goodwin, Fate Lions, and Rivercrest Yacht Club — played. Got the chance to capture on video The Burning Hotels stuck in the middle (har, har) of their song “Where’s My Girl?”



  1. The Grab Bag was a blast and really a great showcase for the whole Fort Worth music ecosystem. The talent in Cowtown is really amazing, and the way everybody supports and works with each other is cool. So, Blaine Crews sits in on drums with Still Watters (talented interlopers from LA), then goes up the street to play with his main project, The Orbans. There, Justin Pate discovers that his peers are all hanging at Dominican Joe. Meanwhile, we see The Hope Trust, followed by their close relations, RTB2. Then later in the evening, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, with Patrick Adams on bass, followed by the new Quaker City Nighthawks, where Patrick plays with David Matsler, Sam Anderson, and Matt Mabe – each with special stuff. This is just scratching the surface. A well produced collection of live tracks from this show would be a great way to spread the joy.

  2. A live recording is something I’d like to add for next year’s show. We’ll see…
    Thanks again for coming out. We had a ball.