While driving home from SXSW last night – traffic was a bitch all the way from Austin to Fort Worth dammit! – I was listening to talk radio because I was sick of music by that point. WBAP show host Bill Cunningham was describing Sunday March 21 as “a day that will live in infamy” after the healthcare bill was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Cunningham and his listeners were convinced that the bill’s passage will hurt America’s bond rating, lead to hyper inflation, doom the economy, and bring down a nation.


Today, this CNBC poll and this Fox poll indicate many Americans are worried about the cost.

And yet stocks are up on the news.

I’m so confused.


  1. So if the stock market goes down tomorrow will that prove we are doomed? I know my wife’s business is going to raise their prices to pay to insure all the workers. She runs a daycare with 35 full time employees. She will probably double the weekly tuition by 2014 to cover the costs. I’m sure passing the costs on to the consumers is the dumbest idea ever heard of though. Nobody will do that. It is not a tax, it is a cost of living expense increase. Inflation happens.

  2. I don’t like everything about this bill, but I do think it’s moving us in the right direction and more in line with other western nations. The health care system is undoubtedly very broken and I’m glad after 8 years of republican rule that never even mentioned health care something is moving forward. The republicans loved talking about healthcare, but in 8 years did nothing bout it. They love talking about immigration, but in 8 years did nothing bout it. (Remember it was republicans that granted amnesty in ’86 then did nothing to enforce the borders), they love talking abortion, and in 8 years did nothing about it. They talked about the economy and jobs alot too and under thier 8 year rule, unemployment shot up and the economy collasped. It takes little for the republicans to fire up their base, but they never follow through on anything…except war.

  3. Pharmaceutical companies stand to gain millions of new customers from the health care overhaul.

    Hospital operators and drug makers saw gains Monday and will likely be the big winners in this because the changes mean more business for these companies.

    A lot of big winning stocks lately have been Medicare providers — HealthNet, Well Point, Humana. These are companies that provide Medicare, they will be direct beneficiaries of legislation

    Damm should have bought stocks last week 🙂