They like us! They really, really like us!

The Census Bureau’s annual population estimate shows new residents are flocking to the Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex.

A diverse economy and stable home prices are two factors making us so damned popular.


About 1.3 million people have moved to the Metroplex since 2000, more than in any other city.  (“City” is a misnomer since the Census counts Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas as one big place; no wonder we’re topping the list. Don’t they know that Dallasites and Cowtowners despise each other?)

Pros: This means more federal money and greater representation in Washington. Texas might pick up several more seats in Congress based on the population increase. Imagine if everybody around these parts actually filled out the Census survey.

Cons: It also means more cars on the highways spewing more pollution into the air; more dumbasses driving 50 mph in the left-hand lane; more people in line at the Whataburger drive-thru at midnight; etc.

More people mean more hassles, but being Mr. Popular is probably a good thing. Except for when it’s midnight and you’re hungry for a quintuple Whataburger with extra cheese and jalapenos, and there are 20 cars in line already.

Expect more videos like this in the future: