The Dallas Cowboys popped a 99-yard touchdown with .1 second left on the proverbial clock when they traded up in the NFL draft and selected Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant with the 24th pick.

Jerry Jones must think the world of him – Bryant will wear Michael Irvin’s old No. 88.


It didn’t take long for Jones to get the cash register ringing: Bryant No. 88 jersey are already on sale for a mere $79.99.

Bryant’s a monster on the field and seems like a nice guy off it. He was once projected as a Top 10 pick until he got in trouble for – gasp! – lying to the NCAA about a trivial matter. A teenager lying to a bunch of lawyerly stuffed shirts who were drilling him with questions doesn’t sound like a hanging offense to me.

He’s projected as a No. 3 receiver for now but will probably bump underachieving Roy Williams further down the roster, just as WR Miles Austin did during his stellar campaign in 2009. Patrick Crayton will probably stay in the slot for awhile, but I’m ready to see him join Williams on the sidelines (or the unemployment line) and let Kevin Ogletree blossom on the field just as Austin did last year.

Until Bryant forces his way into the starting lineup at receiver, he can at least kick ass as the team’s kick returner — something the Cowboys desperately needed last year.

Check out Bryant’s highlight reel from college: