When will natural gas drillers learn that you don’t jack around with Texas women?

Sharon Wilson and Kathy Chruscielski are among North Texas’ most vocal and active watchdogs of the drilling industry. They and other women, including Gwen Lachelt, founder and director of Earthworks Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP), have fought Big Oil and Big Government to protect their families’ water, air, and quality of life.

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Don’t drillers and state regulators ever watch those National Geographic specials and see what mama bears do when their cubs are threatened?

Now comes “Runner Susan” as she refers to herself on her blog site.


Runner Susan lives outside Dallas. She likes running (she’s training for a marathon). She’s a web designer, ardent photographer, wife and mother, pet owner, and witty woman who blogs to “keep myself on track physically, mentally, and to ensure I do not spend all my money on shoes.”

Wine, running, and family are favorite topics.

But her blogs have become outspoken and edgy and biting as she deals with urban gas drilling in her neighborhood.