Kids today aren’t being beaten enough, says a substitute teacher wanting to reinstate corporal punishment in the Dallas school district.

His web site “Bring Back Licks” shows support from teachers and parents.


Based on my experiences, it’s a bad idea.

I was and probably still am the reigning “licks champion” at Bailey Junior High School in Arlington.

Corporal punishment was common when I attended Bailey back then, but licks never scared me. Vice Principal Hodge and several coaches had some ferocious swings and made many a tough kid break down in tears. But, for some reason, I could handle the pain and was pretty much fearless.

During my three years at Bailey, about a dozen of my friends held a contest each year to see who could get the most licks.

I won every year.

Any time one of my friends would get licks and surpass my total, I would purposely do something wrong, get sent to the principal or to a coach, get my licks, tally my score, and retake the lead.

In my 9th grade year, a coach learned of the contest and decided he would give a couple of us licks so severe that nobody would ever want another one.

The coach summoned a schoolmate and me into his office one day. We were getting ready for gym class and were wearing only lightweight shorts and jockstraps. Our tender ass cheeks had almost nothing to cushion the blow of a thick, wooden paddle being swung by a purposeful if psychotic sadist.

“Who wants to go first?” the coach asked.

My friend hesitated. I volunteered, grabbed the edge of a desk, tightened my butt cheeks, and prepared for the worst.

That lick was by far the most painful and violent one I’d ever endured. The resulting bruise on my ass was so deep and ugly that it could have served as ample evidence in an aggravated assault trial, but I didn’t complain or show the wound to my parents (they were unaware of my accomplishment as licks champ).

As it turns out, my friend fared much worse. The lick he got was no more vicious than my own, but he’d had to stand there and watch me get mine. He saw the insane look in the coach’s eyes, his two-handed baseball grip swing, the veins in his neck sticking out. He’d heard the loud “whack!” and heard my yell and watched my knees buckle.

I was glad I went first.

I was also glad I had another lick to add to my total score.

That’s how a true champion thinks!


  1. The TRUTH is that school children are treated differently in our great nation based on where they live. A black middle school student in Texas DIED by having his chest crushed when his teacher sat on him to restrain him and ignored his pleas that he could not breathe, he died on the classroom floor in front of his classmates (this teacher is teaching in another state), a Texas high school student suffered deep bruising and welts to his lower back, buttocks and back of his legs when he received 21 “licks” with a wooden canoe paddle, which broke during the beating and had to be taped to continue the beating, a 9-year old Georgia 3rd grader suffered deep bruising injuries when he was paddled with a WOODEN PADDLE 3 TIMES IN ONE DAY (Decatur Co., GA affirmed Corporal Punishment Policy 9/17/09 for school children) and a Publicly Funded Charter School in Memphis, Tennessee physically punishes middle/high school boys and GIRLS weekly during a ceremony called “Chapel” by hitting them with wooden paddles and/or whipping their hands with leather straps IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS AS A DETERRENT to publicly induce shame, humiliation and fear! The school employees in the above actions have LEGAL IMMUNITY and are STILL paid by our tax-dollars to be ENTRUSTED with the care and education of our children!

    Research indicates that Corporal Punishment is harmful to children and lowers their IQ’s due to stress from fear.

    People with SPANKING FETISHES work in occupations that give them access to children like hospitals, schools, boy scouts, etc. and over 2,500 teachers were punished in a 5 year period since 2000 for inappropriate sexual relations with our nation’s school children, and women teachers are sexually preying on children at an increasingly alarming rate, which is why PHYSICAL/CORPORAL PUNISHMENT OF CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS MUST BE ABOLISHED IMMEDIATELY!

    Recently a La Vega, TX elementary school principal’s arrest for injuries to a child due to corporal punishment put spotlight on school corporal punishment policies, already ILLEGAL in Schools in 30 States. It is ILLEGAL to beat prisoners.

    Our children are worth the effort to protect them and we must demand “Best Practices” that teach children “discipline” through non-violent practices in schools. Students must be taught why what they did was wrong and given the tools to improve behavior/decision making skills while empowering them with awareness to their human right to integrity of their bodies (hands-off!) in our schools and society.

    U.S. Congress Representative McCarthy plans to introduce legislation to ban paddling in schools nationwide. A hearing on “Corporal Punishment in Schools and Its Effect on Academic Success”
    was held on April 15, 2010 before the subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities.

  2. The problem is not necessarily that schools cant give licks to kids per se, the problem is plaintiffs lawyers. A couple of decades ago we starting getting parents who think their kids shat doesnt stink and they got all riled up that the mean administrators were being tough on their kids and started suing. Thats about the time all the political correctness nonsense started creeping into society as well. All due to what? Thats right, plaintiffs lawyers. Call little Billy or Pedro a derogatory name? Get sued. Give licks? Get sued. What we need is a 10 year moratorium on plaintiffs lawyers. Run those weasels out on a rail. No what 100 lawyers at the bottom of the sea is? A good start.