It’s kind of like trading a lumpy car seat for a broken steering wheel. Neither is comfortable — but a broken steering wheel can kill you.

Carpenter, besmirching the great Chuck Howley's old No. 54.
Carpenter, besmirching the great Chuck Howley's old No. 54.

The Dallas Cowboys are considering trading linebacker Bobby “Barbie” Carpenter for a St. Louis Rams schmo named Alex Barron, which the Fort Worth Star Telegram‘s Clarence E. Hill Jr. describes as “swapping two first-round draft disappointments.”

The problem is, the disappointment named Barron plays offensive tackle.  He’s the guy standing between quarterback Tony Romo and some steroid-raged defensive end wanting to remove Romo’s head.


Hill describes Barron’s “problem with holding penalties and false starts.” Uh oh, this guy sounds like the recently departed Flozell Adams’ ugly cousin.

Oh, and Hill notes Barron’s tendency to give up sacks. Great.

Fortunately, Hill finds a bright spot: Barron’s “durability.”

Doesn’t that just mean he’s more available to play…and jump offsides, draw holding penalties, give up sacks, and get our QB killed?

Bobby Carpenter was Romo’s bestest buddy 4-ever. So we’re trading our franchise quarterback’s best pal for a guy who’s going to get him killed?

Jerry Jones, he’s our man! Jerry Jones, yes he can!