"Carribean Queen" will be up for the bidding at Thrift Art.
"Carribean Queen" will be up for the bidding at Thrift Art.

Frank Artsmarter (uh, not his real name) has spent a lot of free time over the past nine years scouring thrift stores and old people’s attics for the best (worst?) naïve art in North Texas and beyond. Every year, he exhibits and auctions off the work as part of the hipster party that is the Thrift Art Gallery Show and Auction. The point of the event is to interrogate (ha! arty-smarty types love that 50-cent word) the Art World. Who, Artsmarter argues, is to say why one painting is worth 20 large while another only, well, 50 cents (the starting Thrift Art bid)? Larry Gagosian? Sotheby’s? YOU?! (Yes, Virginia. The answer is indeed you.)


For Thrift Art’s 10th anniversary show at Gallery 414 on Sat., June 19, Artsmarter has “commissioned” some local notables –– “very famous fwartists (Fake Fort Worth Artists)” –– to contribute pieces. Look for naïve-ish work by Jesse Sierra Hernandez, Nancy Lamb, Greg Bahr, Devon Nowlin, and many others. Doors open at 6 p.m., and bidding begins around 8 p.m.



  1. I’ve been watching this guy, and I have to say, it’s kinda dumb. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing!!!! I mean, Thrift art? Really? First of all, that’s not real art, and secondly, I think Frank Artsmarter only has a BFA, which immediately disqualifies him from serious discourse about art. Gimme a break, this guy is lame. Besides, i think the new concept from the Arts council, Yart, i think it’s called, is waay better. They have lie a kinda thirft art yard sale, which is a totally original idea and stuff. They raise money from rich people and like give it to cool out of town artists to beautify our fair city! Anyway y’all should check it out. Thrift Art, Frank Artsmarter… Laaaaammmmeee!

  2. Frank Artsmarter is a brilliant human being. Even though he’s not from Dallas or Austin or some other officially sanctioned “cool” city, he should be doing public art in town on the city’s tab. I’d vote for him.