A friend of mine loves rootsy, tasteful, soulful, melodic guitar playing.

He thinks Jimmie Vaughan can play circles around brother Stevie Ray. See what I mean? The guy is a purist.

So my friend would love these guitarists — love to murder and dismember them.


Guitarist No. 1 needs four necks on his guitar:

This guy plays with taste — the taste of a methamphetamine speedball:

This guy actually needs a third hand:

Tapping goes awry, very very awry:

And now, the best for last — it’s all in the eyes:


  1. Those are quite “over-the-top”, aren’t they? The last guy was pretty entertaining, though, if maybe goes on way too long.

    Did you post those for your guitar students, Jeff? Maybe they’ll have those down by next week’s lesson?

  2. Yes, Phil, my beginning guitar students at Carter Riverside High School will be expected to have all of these guitar solos down pat — however, I’m giving them until summer’s end to perfect them.

    Think your students can top that?