Chow, Baby wouldn’t know how real reviewers remember food details — take notes, maybe, or shoot surreptitious cellphone pictures — but its method is both simple and in glorious Technicolor: Check the stains on the shirt. This system has worked for years and partly explains why you see so much stained clothing for resale at the Salvation Army (Chow, Baby recycles). That is, it works unless you’re taking your mom along on a restaurant review.

thai-red-chicken-curryHere we are at Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine (977 Melbourne Rd., Hurst), shortly after Chow, Baby introduced Chow, Mère to the wonders of DSW Shoe Warehouse, thus guaranteeing many future happy parental visits (until DSW opens a New Orleans location). Chow, Baby had dressed carefully for this meal, for maximum contrast possibilities. Indeed, the ginger-sauce drips from our Thai dumplings ($5.95) showed up beautifully on its pale blue T-shirt, and a morsel of coriander-dusted shrimp perfectly complemented the light khaki cargo pants (lots of pockets, for extra memory-preservations).

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