When Eddie Griffin wrote back in March in the Weekly’s 2nd Thought space about the racism reported on behalf of protesters during the debate over the healthcare reform bill, his column drew a lot of response, including from folks who dared him to prove that the Tea Partiers and others had ever indeed displayed any bigotry.  A few days ago, Eddie sent along a message in reply:

“My last article in the Weekly was highly criticized by some of your readers, even several weeks after publication,” he wrote. They ask for proof that there is racism in the Tea Party.  Here is a montage of pictures that are proof for those who can bear the truth.”


  1. The question is what is racism? Many confuse racism with simple prejudice. Prejudice means discriminating taste, with no intent to do evil to humans or human kind. Sara Palin don’ have to like me no me her. Racism is the expressed intent to use the legal organized violence of the state {laws and police} to suppress and oppress other human beings due to their cultural, racial and religious difference. The Constitution of the United States says no one should be deprived of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness without due process of law. The Tea Party and many others want to gain political power so they can take away all due process. The same as Hitler did in German. It was legal in Germany to take the Jews property and put them in cattle car headed for the camps. it was done under the guise of law and order. The power of the state has to serve freedom and justice for all. We don’t have that yet and the Tea Party represents an about face from the goals of freedom and justice for all.