Levi Johnston disappeared for awhile after his Playgirl centerfold and his derogatory interviews about Sarah Palin, but now he’s back and getting  even more exposure.

And, for some odd reason, the kid is coming across like a pretty decent guy.

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He’s apologizing for saying untrue things about Palin and her family. He hasn’t yet said exactly how he lied, but he’s sorry he did.

He also appeared on last week’s episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List (not exactly ironic that Johnston appeared in a show by that name). Griffin is a crude cougar the entire time, but Johnston is chill, content to be the easy going, good-natured butt of her jokes.

They go ice fishing, stop by Palin’s house (Johnston waits at the truck while Griffin knocks on the former Alaskan governor’s door), and then attend a book signing. Johnston grins but says little during the show.

The comic even hauls Johnston to a gay bar. At one point she sticks a microphone in his face and tells him to say something.

Johnston pauses, looks out at the crowd, and says, “I love ya!”