The humidity is stifling, August heat is just around the corner, but I got a glimpse of October and Halloween on the horizon when tonight’s 6pm broadcast of NBC Channel 5 news lead off with a story about two ”chupacabras” discovered in Hood County. If I judged the Westminster Dog Show, mysterious blood-sucking creatures of Mexican lore would win every year (and, quite literally, devour the competition in the process). The fact that the Hood County beasts resembled hairless coyotes left in the dryer too long didn’t deter me from believing they were “Le Chupacabra.” Well, it deterred me a little bit. The quotes in this story from today’s CBS Channel 11 news have a more appropriate, “ignore the chupacabra menace at your peril” tone: “The animal came at me, jumping. I’ve never seen anything jump like this in my life! … It scared the hell out of me! I never seen a canine jump like this!” Only 111 more days to Halloween, baby!