The Dez Bryant hazing controversy is a tough one to judge.

On the one hand, I admire the rookie wide receiver for refusing to be hazed by veteran WR Roy Williams.

Hazing is silly in any form, such as among college fraternity pledges. But it’s downright idiotic for grown men.


Bryant stood up for himself and refused to carry Williams’ sweaty shoulder pad after practice. Bryant doesn’t think playing for the Dallas Cowboys requires him to allow himself to be treated like somebody’s personal slave. Power to Bryant.

On the other hand, football hazing is a rite of passage, a tradition, and a bonding exercise designed to create team unity. Bryant is risking a lot by refusing to go along with the game.

Still, Bryant was right to refuse. I don’t think any man should allow himself to be hazed if he doesn’t want to.

The fact that the hazing was coming from an overpaid disappointment like Williams makes it even more difficult to blame Bryant. Then again, it’s understandable why Williams needed help carrying his pads — he surely would have dropped them.