The word’s out from local filmmaker (and Weekly profilee) Andrew Disney. For the low, low price of $5, you can get a sneak peek at his upcoming movie Searching for Sonny. If you donate to his fund-raising campaign at, you’ll receive a link to an online clip of the film, which was shot in Fort Worth this past May. The filmmakers have already met their fund-raising goal, but we’re sure Disney’s many fans will be willing to pony up five bucks for an advance look. Hurry, though: You must donate by July 31 to get the clip.


  1. What a deal!! “Searching for Sonny” stars Jason Dohring, Minka Kelly, Masi Oka and Michael Hogan, as well as internet sensations Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, the guys from BriTANick. Five bucks for an exclusive clip? Not a problem. Helping brilliant young filmmakers realize their vision? Priceless!

  2. what a deal! they blew all their money on things they didn’t need and then they ask people to donate to them so they can make money but not return anything? what happened to the old mold of finding investors and then paying them back when you made a profit? at least that was respectable.

  3. dude, michael,what happened to you as a kid that your soul died? Your helping a local artist get HIS vision out. The problem with investors is that they will want some input on the film, thats why most hollywood movies suck now. There is also the option of “if you don’t agree with it don’t participate”. I’m pretty sure you 5 bucks is not going to make or break this film.

  4. Also it seems like you get something back for each level of contribution, so i personally wouldn’t call that a donation since there’s still a transaction involved.