This morning’s Star-Tellygram headline practically knocked me out of my seat: Ten Cool Things To See And Do In Arlington.

Are there that many?

Apparently not.


Veteran writer  John Austin has covered A-town for years but even he couldn’t find 10 — the last cool place on his list is actually in Grand Prairie, as he readily notes.

So, here are other possibilities to consider:

Whataburger Hill on Forest Edge Drive — My school chums had a shortcut to Whataburger on Division Street that involved driving 60 mph down Forest Edge Drive (posted 30 mph) and hitting a dip in the road with enough speed to get airborne.


Tanstaafl Pub, 409 N. Bowen St. — After you’re done flying over Whataburger Hill, head a mile down the road to a favorite oasis. This old hippie bar opened in 1976 back when people wore bell bottoms and puffy-sleeve shirts.  The original owners and many original customers still hang, but the place hops with new blood and energy these days and continues to feature live music and the coldest beer in town.


Highway 80 (Division Street) — After drinking a bunch of beer, get back in your car and drive down Division Street and let your mind wander back to the past, when Highway 80 was the Broadway of America. The fastest way to get from the Deep South to California in the early 20th Century was to take Highway 80 all the way. It was our version of Route 66, and millions of Americans poured through Arlington, which explains why so many car lots, auto repair shops, and hotels sprinkle this road.


Anybody else know any cool places in Arlington that might fill that last slot on John Austin’s list?


  1. Saturday night…come see Zachary Scott Pohl and Greg Ramirez, local favorites play mostly original blues, folk, country, rock music! Selected covers from Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and others! Guaranteed for you to have a grrrrreat time!

  2. I believey you might be mistaken about the “dip” on Forest Edge Dr. in Arlington. Could it have been the infamous “Roller Coaster Hill” (Perkins Road) that you were thinking of? Back in the 60’s, it was unpaved and notorious for its great dips–and a favorite place to race your Chevy!

  3. I’ll bet more than one dip in town was named by juvenile delinquents with fast cars.

    The best I recall, that dip on Forest Edge had two names — “Whataburger Hill” and “Hiccup Hill.”