To the editor: Thank you for publishing the story about the Dorothy Lane Courts (“The Pearl of Dorothy Lane,” July 21, 2010), based in part on material from Juliet George’s new book on Arlington Heights. Friends who stayed at the Dorothy Lane always had tantalizing stories. Juliet put them masterfully together and made the building — and the whole neighborhood — come alive with diligent research, great organization, and artful prose.

Michael Pellecchia

Lee, N.H. 


To the editor:
Juliet George’s Dorothy Lane saga was a great tale, and the photos really added a lot. I enjoyed it in the online version of Fort Worth Weekly.

Thanks for an entertaining read!

Ken Hoge



Hearing A Peep Out of Them

To the editor: We wanted to let the readers know that Le Peep (Chow, Baby, “Old Folks Away from Home,” July 28) at its best is eggsellent! We are a franchise restaurant, and unfortunately the quality, atmosphere, and standards can change from store to store. Our owner was with the company for 15 years before taking over the operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in early 2000. He currently owns five locations throughout the Metroplex, in Flower Mound, Las Colinas, Denton, Plano, and Frisco. We pride ourselves on our old-school ways and sticking to the original concepts that earned Le Peep the nationwide reputation it holds today. (It was voted number-one in “best breakfast concept” in Consumer Reports.) We’ll keep them eggs crackin’ till we get it right.

Jessica Ellibee

General manager and

marketing coordinator, Le Peep Grill


Make it a Double for Jeff

To the editor: Fort Worth Weekly journalist Jeff Prince has done it again — twice. Once with a standing ovation at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference and now with his latest Metropolis story, “Ethics Alive,” (July 28, 2010), informing the public about the shenanigans being played out at city hall with Mayor Mike Moncrief as ringleader.

Accolades to Jim Ashford for his ethics complaint against the city, which was upheld. Hopefully this will set a precedent for at least holding quarterly meetings of the Ethics Review Committee instead of just whenever they want.

Louis McBee, who has been the consummate crusader for justice for people at city hall, continues with his latest filing of a complaint citing the conflicts of interest involving Fort Worth City Council member Danny Scarth and his financial interest in Chesapeake Energy. Scarth should recuse himself from drilling-related votes, as should Moncrief, since they both profit from energy companies. This recusal would seem to be mandated by city ordinance.

The only other viable option the public has if the council members and Big Daddy Moncrief won’t adhere to the rules is that, come election day, we vote them O.U.T. Moncrief has been the energy companies’ ultimate cheerleader, and as long as he is in power, they’ll get favorable treatment. He’s been mayor since 2003 — let’s put him out to pasture amid his gas leases.

Yvonne Roth

Fort Worth

Barnyard Static

To the editor: The Weekly’s news synopses in Static are always in sync with current events and offer alternative views of the goings-on in the Metroplex. I would wager that the two top sections to read in the Weekly are the letters to the editor and Static.

In last week’s Static (Aug. 4, 2010), we read about the polluted air that officials are too lackadaisical to do anything about, lest it offend all the lobbyists. All we get from these overpaid jackasses is rhetoric laced with propaganda that paints them clever instead of yellow. Mike Moncrief, with his “Fort Worth Way” slogan makes about as much sense as setting a milk bucket under a bull. Makes me think he’s imbibing something that’s affecting his common sense or he’s been out in the Texas sun too long.

He and his “ethics” and his collusionists should be jettisoned from office. That would be a service to the folks of Fort Worth.

Dick Templeton

Richland Hills