This is the second and final weekend of SceneShop’s August collection of short, original theatrical works called All Grown Up: Choices, Loss, Lust, Regret, Sadness, Surprise, and Vodka. (Whew!) Natalie Gaupp’s “A Box of VHS Tapes and a Greyhound Bus” concerns an uncle and his nephew facing a similar crossroads. Nicholas Irion’s solo piece “Continuum” details a radical medical experiment a woman has undergone. Ryan Dowler’s “The Man With Kevin’s Face” involves a man confronting a stranger who has his ex-boyfriend’s face. Bob Francis’s “Just Lovely” features conversation with an eccentric older friend, martinis, and revelations. All Grown Up is performed 7:30pm Fri & Sat at Arts Fifth Avenue, 1628 Fifth Ave, FW. Tix are $12. Reservations are suggested. Call 817-923-9500.