Fort Worth-based Celtic rock band the Killdares will throw down their entertaining mix of music and revelry at 6 tonight at Central Market.

The Thursday Night Live music series (sponsored by yours truly Fort Worth Weekly) is a blast when the weather’s good, and this evening ought to be cooler than usual. And since it’s Celtic music, feel free to make yourself even more comfy by wearing a kilt.



Sometimes a pair of jeans can get a bit tight and crimping after beers and tacos. I kind of wish I lived in Scotland so I could wear one of these things all the time. Sweats are too hot, and pajama bottoms don’t fool anybody. The last time I went to WalMart, I wore some camouflage pants that were…uh…kind of elastic and comfortable…and…okay they were pajama bottoms.

But they were camo so I figured they might not be so obvious.

“Nice pajamas,” the greeter told me as I walked inside.

Some hipsters try to pull off the kilt look in Texas, but you know they’ve got to be wondering:


Maybe I could dabble in Eastern religion and justify wearing robes like the Mamas & the Papas, the Beatles, and some other rockers did back in the 1960s:


But even kilts and robes can’t hold a candle to what must surely be the most comfortable piece of attire known to the modern world — the moo moo.


So it’s settled, I’m wearing a moo moo to the Killdares show tonight. See ya there!