President Obama came down hard on the Florida pastor with a Quran fire fetish. Obama tried to put a guilt trip on him, saying torching the Quran will encourage Taliban recruitment and incite violence against American soldiers and innocent civilians.

Blaming the pastor for all that is like condemning Hitler’s dog for the Holocaust, said ever-insightful local musician James Michael Taylor.

In other words, he’s saying it’s hypocritical for the government to say anything considering the large number of innocent civilians killed on their orders, the large number of Qurans that have surely been burned up in bombings by American planes and flamethrowers, and the ample hatred against America that already exists after almost 10 years of imperialistic behavior.


On another note, some people don’t think a hatemonger ought to call himself a pastor. Despite what you think about Terry Jones, he can rightfully refer to himself as a pastor. After all, pastor is just another way of saying shepherd, and Jones is certainly shepherding his congregation like sheep.

Jones’ sheep apparently look like this:


It’s a free country so Jones can burn all the Qurans he wants, and Bibles too. We don’t want Larry Flynt’s pioneering work in free speech to go for naught.


Then again, Jones and his flock of wolf-sheep  might ought to consider listening to this old Taylor ditty:

In summary, Jones and his congregation are free to do what they wish. And I’m free to call them mean-spirited provocateurs.


  1. Oftentimes when we are directed at a shiney object or in this case a crazy story,the Mainplayers are doing something else really bad. Kind of like the bankrobbers that say create a diversion like a traffic wreck to get the police attention,then They rob the bank. In this case I would say Glenn Beck ,Rush Limbaugh,or Carl Rove put Terry Jones up to this or know who did

  2. “Which “dirty little book” were you speaking of, the Koran or the Bible?”

    It’s been done with the Bible, so which do you think I’m referring to?

    That’s the American way. There can be no Islamic exceptionalism in regards to free speech, period.