The blabosphere is all worked up over the fact that the upcoming Jackass 3D earned its R rating primarily for “male nudity” – only the third feature film after Eat Pray Love and Grown Ups to be age-restricted for an appearance by Richard McDangle. Weirdly, naked female bodies — which are far more ubiquitous in the movies and in mass media in general — get no special designation by the Motion Picture Association of America’s ratings board.

Johnny Knoxville, et al. must be laughing their (bare) asses off over this. My question is – what purpose is the warning about Peter Swingapples supposed to serve? Most people assume that the audience for Jackass 3D will overwhelmingly be young adult males. Do they need to be prepared by MPAA watchdogs to deal with the presence of plumbing equipment that they’ve owned their entire lives? Or should a few of them be braced for the possibility that a nekkid Knoxville – who’s not a bad looking guy, after all – might stir some fires within that they aren’t ready to deal with yet? I think the latter. Otherwise, a supporting role by Johnson de Balzac is no threat to anyone.