Attention, tofu totalers and zucchini zealots: We’ve heard that being a vegan in a city known worldwide for its cattle industry can be a little a lonely. Local cabbageheads can now cozy up together online via VegFortWorth, a casual and friendly blog that includes recipes, coverage of the rare vegan/vegetarian restaurant opening, and, more importantly, tips for how to eat vegan in non-vegan restaurants. As a carnivore myself, I tried not to take offense at the occasional digs at my dietary habits. (A recipe for “Hamburger Helper’s Awesome Vegan Sister” declares that the dish is “reminiscent of Hamburger Helper, without the meat, dairy, and general processed grossness of its pre-packaged predecessor.” Excuse me, but the “general processed grossness” is the whole point of sitting down to a hearty plate of my favorite Cheeseburger Helper a.k.a. “Hamburger Helper’s Skanky, Ultra-Dairy Sister”).

In honor of the launch of VegFortWorth, here’s a live solo performance by Morrissey of The Smiths’ ”Meat is Murder.” Sorry, but I couldn’t find a cheerful song about eating vegan.




    Livestock Cattle Meat Farmers implant injections of Feminine Estrogen into nearly all cattle, including those in Texas, and in the Fort Worth area. You can verify this by opening the following URL:

    What you see here is the very cattle store where cattle farmers are purchasing the Estrogen and the implements used to inject herds of cattle. This is done in order to “fatten up” the cattle, pumping them with growth hormones such that Cattle Farmers can bilk the customer for more money because the cattle meat is sold by weight and this is a way for Cattle Ranchers to “put their finger on the scale” and dupe eaters of steak into paying more, however there is a side-effect.

    What you see here, are items such as SYNOVEX-S, which contains girl’s menstrual hormones. If the URL doesn’t show up, simply type “SYNOVEX-S” into google and you will see that you’ve been eating female menstrual hormone juice soaked into every piece of steak you’ve been putting in your mouth. Other injections include RALGRO, HEIFERMAX 500, Zeranol, Melangestrol, and Progesterones.

    Here is what happens to a man who eats lots of meat and steak: Over time, the effeminizing girl’s menstrual and pregnancy hormones build up inside a man’s body, the man then begins to grow wide female hips, and feminine breast tissue, this is known as Gynecomastia (slang term for this is a man with “man-boobs”). Steak eaters grow rounded soft shoulders as they become more effeminized from eating lots of cattle beef, steak, and pieces of meat. Then the obesity sets in, along with the inflamed “paunch” type stomach. Look at any BBQ-er, contrary to the know known to be false myth that meat is full of muscle building protein, you’ll notice a huge proportion of them are fat. Take a look at your next barbeque. If the meat-protein myth were true, Barbeques would be stocked with “greek gods” walking around chomping on ribeyes, however this is Not the case. Instead, you see enlarged nearly morbidly obese men with soft rounded feminized shoulders, sunken chests with tshirts jiggling with chestflab. And wide-hipped males waddling the area with bowed-out female paunch-like stomachs. This is because of the female estrogenic hormonal effeminization of those who eat meat and steak.

    You’ll notice that bodybuilding stores don’t sell meat, in muscle stores there’s no Pork Bacon shakes, there’s no Chocolate Beefpills, no Chicken Vanilla protein bars, there’s no Fish-electrolyte drinks in Bodybuilding Nutrition stores, Gyms, none of it. Instead, what you DO find for building muscle and bodybuilding is Whey protein, Soy Protein, and Albumin (egg) protein, these are ALL VEGETARIAN PROTEIN FOR MASSIVE MUSCLE BODYBUILDERS. In fact, one is even vegan. The majority of smarter bodybuilders, power-lifters, etc do Not eat red meat. Smart bodybuilders avoid red meat.

    Currently the BIGGEST bodybuilder in the world is VEGETARIAN. That’s right. The largest body builder on the face of the earth eats No meat at all, he is a Vegetarian. He is 7feet 3 inches tall, and 435 pounds of massive muscle. To give you an idea, the vegetarian bodybuilder is about 13 inches taller, and about 225 pounds more than Arnold Schwarzeneggar, all without eating any meat whatsoever, and pulled off the National title. He is also a Police Officer, and a World Champion POWERLIFTER.

    Frank Mir UFC Heavyweight Champion is Vegetarian. Uriah Faber WEC Cage Fighting Champion is Vegetarian. Jake Shields professional MMA Fighter ranked 3rd in the world and about to vie for the championship as the title opens up, is a lifelong Vegetarian. Randy Couture, follows a Vegetarian diet. (By the way, Brock Lesnar nearly died from eating meat, Lesnar now eats more vegetables. In 2009, Lesnar got sickened with a disease called “Diverticulitis” which is essentially rot and decay of the intestines, one of the major causes is ingestion of steak and meat. It nearly killed him, put Lesnar in the hospital, and thwarted Lesnar’s career for nearly a year that it took him to recover, now he is on a strict diet and must regulate what he eats. Lesnar was beaten by Frank Mir, Vegetarian) Mac Danzig who won THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER championship beat the living tar out of 16 other meat and steak eaters and won the entire Ultimate Fighter 6-figure contract. Mac Danzig is not only Vegetarian, he is entirely Vegan, and packed with muscle.

    For anyone who falesely believes that plants don’t contain any protein, and goes around touting that you have to eat meat in order to obtain protein, this type of meat-touter is instantly discredited and that myth debunked. As you’ll see in a minute: That meat that this meat-touter just went around touting as such a momentous source of protein, comes from what: a cow. How did that Cow GET to be 2-thousand pounds of rippling muscle mass? Hmm? Do cows eat meat? NO. That Bull became 2,000 pounds of pure rippling muscle all by eating what: Plants! Plants build the most-massive most-powerful muscled animals on the face of the earth. The biggest strongest land animal on the face of the earth is the elephant, which is guess what: The stronges most massively muscled vegetarian that can rip entire tree trunks out and flail them through the air. An eater of fruit can beat up a meat-eater. Gorillas are also primates, just the same as human beings are. A SILVERBACK Gorilla grows up to 800 pounds and that’s veritable pure muscle, in contrast to the average meat eating man who is a 1/4 pounder in comparison. What does a mammoth muscular Silverback Gorilla eat? Fruit. In other words, something that eats fruit could thoroughly trounce any meat-eater 1 to 1 and toss him and his mouth around like a little ragdoll plaything.

    The next thing that steak eaters will erroneously attempt to assert is about the meat taste. It turns out that meat itself tastes horrible. Most of the best tastes in the world come from plants. Meat tastes horrible in its original state.

    The actual taste of meat, in its original state would be if you ate it RAW. That is the actual true taste of meat, and there are very few (sane) people, if any, who would be satisfied and brag over the flavor, if they walked into a restaurant and the server came over and plopped a cold wet piece of unflavored meat on their plate as their Order. Not only that, raw meat can be potentially diseased and infected. Writhing with parasites, brucellosis, salmonella, ecoli, and pieces of feces. The true taste of meat would be wet, cold, raw and horrible. Meat has to be “doctored up” before it is eaten, or even regarded as marginally edible.

    Even if you were to grudgingly grant and allow that it be cooked, meat still would taste horrible in its true state. To get an idea of its true taste, the actual true taste of meat would be if you plopped a lump of it into a pot of plain water and boiled it. Limp boiled stringy bacon. Meat’s natural color is grey. Meat has to be “doctored up” before it is considered even edible, and what’s used to make things taste good are all vegetarian….PLANTS! Seasonings, Spices, Sauces, and more.

    Think about BBQ. What Barbequers brag about is their Barbeque sauce. What’s barbeque sauce? It’s plants. Barbeque sauce is Vegetarian. What do they cook it on: Coals. What is used in order to impart that Charcoal Grilled flavor? Charcoal. Charcoal is wood. Wood comes from trees. Trees are once again plants. Nearly all of the greatest and best flavors are vegetarian and come from plants. Hickory Smoked Bacon? What’s Hickory, a plant. Mesquite charcol, again a plant. The entire process of Barbequing is spending tons of effort in order to force a piece of badly tasting meat into tasting better by using vegetarian plants. Vegetarian items, seasonings, spices, and sauces are what taste great. Any meat-eater who brags about a Barbeque is proving over and over again that meat tastes bad, and it needs barbeque sauces, hot peppers, rubs, spices, seasonings, charcoal grilling with plants and more items in order to make it taste better. Sausage contains plants to make it edible. Meat eaters need to force meat to taste better with minerals, plants, spices, seasonings, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, A-1 steak sauces, and all kinds of delicious vegetarian diet plants in order for meat to taste different than its taste in its normal true state. Meat tastes bad, meat is a horrible useless source of protein that not even bodybuilders will eat, and Steak and Meat eaters become Effeminized and sicken themselves over time the more and more “menstrual juicy steak” pieces they put in their mouth, soaked in women’s pregnancy hormones.

  2. Female Menstrual Juices??? Hormones are an issue, but they are not female menstrual juices. Don’t be silly…I mean ridiculous.


    Another Grass-fed Angus Ribeye for me…

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