This week’s ”Music” feature is a profile of former UTA students Gabe Pippen and Alan Nosellot. They’re better known to fans as Hammel and Briso, the incurably Teutonic and fatally sexy techno rappers known as LAZËR. After a two year hiatus, the duo has returned with a solid new album called Twatobahn full of satire and serious musicianship; the debut single is called ”Fun/Yes!” Here’s some shaky video cam footage from a LAZËR show last August at Lola’s. The sound quality is decent and it gives you a good idea of what the guyz do onstage.

Pippen/Hammel and Nosellot/Briso are big fans of Sir Mix-A-Lot and the late O.D.B. aka Ol’ Diry Bastard to all you whitebread, outta-the-loop muhthas. Sir Mix-A-Lot of course became a gazillionaire back in the early ‘90s with “Baby Got Back,” but for my money nothing beats his square dance/hip hop novelty ”Buttermilk Biscuits” from 1988. The best urban legend surrounding “Buttermilk Biscuits?” That sitcom child star Jaleel “Urkel” White had done the vocals. (Are you feeling old yet?).

And as for O.D.B. – I’m partial to one of his biggest hits outside of Wu-Tang Clan, 1999’s “Got Your Money” with singer Kelis. The uncensored music video is intercut with great footage from the 1975 pimp’s revenge classic Dolemite. It’s the very definition of “ghetto fabulous.”