Finally, National Unfriend Day (NUD) is here and I can start trimming the fat off my list of Facebook friends without feeling guilty.


The brainchild of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, NUD is a free pass to cleanse your FB page of all those pains in the asses whom you barely know but constantly barrage you with status updates about the doctor appointment they missed or the great dinner rolls they got at Babe’s Chicken.

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Kimmel started NUD because he thinks FB’s friends list is devaluing the meaning of the word “friend.”

FB, of course, isn’t digging this NUD movement. It’s in their best interest for every living being to be FB member and have thousands of “friends” scattershooting each other with personal foibles, pet peeves, and assorted brain farts.


To that end, FB changed the process to unfriend somebody and made it more difficult. Those bastards! They did this in the days leading up to NUD.

But don’t let FB kingpins stop you from doing what you know is right. Follow the young man’s lead below and tell FB you still place value on the true meaning of “friend.”