Reflecting the downward financial spiral in arts groups nationally, members of the local American Federation of Musicians union has just ratified a new two-year contract with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra that cuts players’ employment from 52 weeks to 45.


The new agreement will reduce section players’ annual pay from $60,003 to $51,926, associate principal players from $67,504 to $58,417, and principal players from $75,008 to $64,911. There will be a small increase of one week’s added pay in the contract’s second year. The FWSO currently employs 65 full-time musicians and seven part-timers.

The last contract, for five years, expired in July. It was agreed that the new contract would be for two years, allowing for a review of the FWSO’s financial situation in 2012 and the possibility of reinstating the pay cuts.

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