For some reason, Mayor Moncrief decided to turn a manufactured controversy (the atheist T bus ads) into a legitimate one by issuing a statement today. It reads, in part: “I totally disagree with (the Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s) decision to allow these divisive ads on the T buses and will express my concerns to the appropriate individuals.” In the same statement, he admits that the city doesn’t fund the T and that it’s an independent agency responsible for its own policies.

Here’s why this is troubling: People fling the word “censorship” around a lot. But it’s really only appropriate to apply the “c” word when government steps in and suppresses speech. Moncrief has just publicly announced he will walk across governmental and agency lines and attempt to quash a group’s access to public expression. Not exactly the Chinese government filtering information, I grant you, but too obnoxiously close for my comfort.

And the ads themselves simply state that some people don’t believe in God – they don’t criticize people who do believe. This whole thing mystifies me.


  1. Terrific, now we can demand that all representations of christianity, like churches and their billboards as well as all televangelists be banned. I’m all for that, as banning one side of the debate and not the other would definitely be unchristian.

  2. it’s called being spineless. capitulation on streetcars comin’ up. the man is completely unable to stand up for any principle except drilling…

  3. Maybe he’s planning on running for something other than mayor. When a politician starts flinging manure to the yahoos, it’s a sure sign of his aspiration for higher office.

  4. Yes, millions of us Americans live happy, healthy, moral lives, without belief in anything supernatural. Why does that offend anyone?

    We pay our taxes, serve in the military, give to charity, raise our children well, help our neighbors, but somehow it offends you christians that we do all this without believing in your god? We are your sons/daughters, sisters/brothers, fathers/mothers, neighbors, etc., and you have known us all your lives (just that you don’t know we don’t share your supernatural beliefs) and you have always respected us as good and moral people. We just have a different viewpoint on whether your god exists, and that offends you? You’re offended because I have a different viewpoint? How arrogant and intolerant of you christians.

    We are your doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, nurses, judges, plumbers, salespeople, counselors, social workers, business owners, mailmen, etc., etc..

    There is no reason to be offended that we exist, even if we don’t share the same view point as you on god’s existence.

    Is your faith so weak that it is threatened by the fact that not everyone agrees with you???

  5. Beyond censorship, Moncrief seems to be using his public office to advance the goals of his religion.

    He may have broke the law making the public statement. If he carries through with his threat of expressing his concerns “to the appropriate individuals” he will certainly be on the wrong side of the law.

  6. What is devisive about the ad? It just says that there are people who are good even though they are not convinced there is a supernatural dimention to the universe. Are Christian really offended by this? If you can’t provide evidence or argument at a god exists, at least don’t you want your fellow citizens to be good? What is offensive about encouraging people to be good no matter their belief in the supernatural is?

    • Here’s the deal with Mayor Mike, bless his heart…Peckerwoods are going to be Peckerwoods, jerk-offs are going to be jerk-offs, hammer-heads are going to be hammer-heads…….what else can they be? My bird-dog Roxy is both smarter, smells much better, runs faster, and is a better Democrat. She can run faster, jump higher, is more generous, truthful, and her breath smells better. Mike is not a nice person and his breath stinks, and his feet do too. Fort Worth doesn’t need him at all. Pure looser since before he was born, self-entitled snot-rag.